Friday, January 9, 2009

6 x 6 chipbaord album

I have known about chip board for a while now, but never really worked with it. With Christmas having passed and a lot of pictures to scrapbook with I thought I would do something outside the box, for me. I have mentioned tutorials a few times but never done one. I don't even think of this as a tutorial more of a you can learn at the same time as me. Just like I started doing stuff without taking pictures for you, the audience - LOL. So let's try and figure this out together. Once again I dug product names out of the garbage for this and some I still don't know which company they are from. So here we go wwhhheeee.
I took 2 pieces of raw 6 X 6 chipboard, and using Modge Podge adhered some 6 x 6 paper on to the chipboard. I think the picture kind of says it all. After the paper had dried to the chip board I sanded the %*2& out of the edges of the chipboard to distress it. Then another coat of Modge Podge to make it more durable. This will be the front and back of the album.
The name of the paper I used (please remember I don't think I was able to fish everything out of the garbage) on the covers, is unattainable at this time. I will be more specific when I blog the inside pages of the album. I know the designer paper used in the first few pages are by We R Memory Keepers, one is called "CHRISTMAS- CHEERY". Another of the papers used is by a company called Magenta (sorry if this breaks infringement, linking it wrong etc-my disclaimer) and the paper is DELICATE STRIPES from the Pleasures collection

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wild4blue said...

I really like this idea. You make it look so easy. Love the paper too.