Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's treats

Today must have been my lucky day. There was a water main break at work so I got to come home early, no kits, so time to craft. I jump from projects to projects, I ordered some nugget tins of the neat and have been making them like crazy. I am making some for my husband, guess what kind.....Harley Davidson of course. I am sure if you look at some of my other posts you will know I am into that kinda thing. I actually have a few people that are buying some off of me, kewl eh? I started gathering the tutorial together last night and have started to put it together so it is indeed coming.


Allison said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Where do you order your nugget tins from?

June Houck said...

I've been meaning to order the nugget tins for months have inspired me :)

wild4blue said...

These are awesome. Every event of every month can be done! Your creativity is astounding! I can't wait to see the HD tins. TFS again.